Figures of Speech

Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Wenen, (O)
January 19 – March 12, 2016

For this exhibition, Fred Eerdekens returns to some familiar techniques, though at a scale that is unprecedented. The installation will transform the gallery spaces, creating an immersive experience for visitors. In keeping with the concepts of impermanence and mutability that are constants in his work, he focuses here on a more concrete representation - the circle. Envisioned as emblematic of the dual nature of his work, these circles are openings onto different interpretations: allowing the viewer to pass between the physical presence of the installation to the statements revealed in the shadows cast by it. The title of the exhibition, 'One looking at it, One looking through' captures this duality by encouraging that each piece to be considered from more than one perspective. Metaphorically, the circle becomes both container and aperture, the number 'zero', an endless path, in itself encompassing the plastic nature of symbols that is so central to Eerdekens' practice.

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